Activity Weekend - Flint Knapping and Pot firing

Flint Knapping

John and Val Lord demonstrated flint knapping and leather-working dressed in prehistoric costume on the sun-drenched Saturday. Their fantastic works of skill transfixed visitors and site workers alike, bringing our own flint artefacts to life as we saw how thay where made, and how they might have looked when in use four thousand years ago!

John places finishing touches on a large hand axe, while Val prepares to haft a leaf-shaped arrowhead with willow twine John uses a variety of harder stones to apply finishing touches to a knive blade


A reconstructed arrow and flint knive, showing us what the artefacts from Trench 3 may have looked like at their time of use A complete prehistoric "tool kit", including the finished products, and the necessary equipment to make and maintain them


John and Val Lord can be contacted at:

The Old Mill House,
Chalk Row Road,
Kings Lynn,
Norfolk PE33 9BW

Tel: 01366 328080
Mobile: 0378 003636

On to pot firing...

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