Some QuickTime VR Views around Gardom's Edge

Below are links to some Quicktime VR representations of Gardom's Edge as you would see it if you visited there today. We hope these interactive images will help you to explore and enjoy the landscape we are investigating.

To view these images you will need to have QuickTime Version 3.0 installed on your computer. If you do not have this, it is avalable from

Apple QuickTime VR home site

A view from Birchen Edge, overlooking the Gardom's plateau and countryside beyond (715Kb)

A view from the Rock Art on the Gardom's Plateau (710Kb)

A view along the Neolithic Enclosure (485Kb)

A combined view af all three above (1.9Mb)

A view from Gardom's Edge itself, including the "Men of Gardom's" (850Kb)

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