Trench 2 Week5

Final stages of excavation

As with trench 1 the last processes of excavation and recording are being undertaken. It appears that the ditch and pits were constructed together. While it is difficult to say which came first it is likely that the ditch was dug through the clays and then the pits were sunk deeper from its bottom.

The two pits that we have sectioned have been drawn and recorded. We will now take samples of their soil from them to analyse the nature of their fills and hopefully also gain radio-carbon dates for their deposition.

We are also cutting a section across one of the causeways to interpret something of how this was created and its relationships with the sides of the ditch.

A group of visitors see the pit alignment in its last stages of excavation Final excavation picture from the eastern pit


Excavation of the causeway between the two ditches Visitors from Trench 1 come to check on progress...


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