Trench 3 Week 3

More finds

A view of the cairn showing the massive earthfast boulder


Even more finds are coming out of the soil from around the cairn as we dig deeper. Most of the artefacts are flakes of flint and chert, burnt stones and badly damaged sherds of later Bronze Age/earlier Iron Age pottery. This leads us to suspect that at least part of the rectangular field was manured with material from household middens. We are also finding more flint tools, mostly dating from the earlier Bronze Age, including a small scraper - used for preparing hides or vegetables - and part of a flint knife. Also within the finds bags for this week was a microlith - a very small flint blade dating from the Mesolithic. During the coming week we will further excavate the cairn by removing stones from the north-east quadrant.



Flint artefacts recovered from around the cairn - large image available

The animal burrowing now completeley excavated Initial removal of stones from the northwest quadrant

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