Trench 6 - Field Boundary

New Trench!

Planning on Trench 6 after deturfing and cleaning

Since we began working in the large rectangular field we have had the opportunity to look at other archaeological features in more detail. Towards the western end of the southern boundary is an area where the ground level is much higher on its south side and contains numerous visible boulders. On its lower north - 'field'- side there are far fewer visible boulders. The difference in ground level is even greater here than it is further east, where we have located trench 5 along what appears to be the same boundary. In trench 6 the boundary is predominantly stone built, has been widened with a pile of stones along part of its southern edge and is constructed to connect earthfast boulders. In doing this it takes a change of direction which may define the corner of a field or the location of another structure that it has been diverted around.


Early signs of the stone built boundary on Trench 6


Graham has moved from trench 4 to supervise excavation of the boundary to try and identify the reason for the big difference in ground levels. Is it because the boundary follows a natural break of slope or is it the result of soil movement during cultivation of the field? When fields are situated on slopes, soil can move slowly downslope as it is cultivated due to the loosening of the soil. Soil can both build-up behind a boundary and be removed from immediately below a boundary. However, soil below the boundary itself is protected so creating the difference in ground levels either side. We will have more news next week as excavation gets under way.



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