Trench 6 Week 4

Large boulders with subsequent clearence of smaller stones

The banks in trench 6 are rapidly disappearing as we plan and record sections at various levels. There is definitely a sense of stratigraphy here, with initial phases of large boulders reflecting the first clearance of stone and secondary phases of smaller stone reflecting the piecemeal clearance of material during cultivation. At the moment, we are exploring the idea that the use of earthfast boulders and the positioning of large blocks on either side of piles of clearance stone might reflect a conscious attempt to create a suitable bank on which to establish a hedge line.



Gritstone saddle quern showing smoothed working face and trimming marks


Excavation on trench 6 has also resulted in the recovery of a carefully shaped gritstone saddle quern. In addition to the working face, smoothed through hours of grinding, the sides of the quern also show signs of trimming. Perhaps this trimming was done to aid the securing of the quern in a frame, or even so that it could have been held between the knees whilst someone knelt and worked.





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